Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bash Cupcakes

Prepare cake mix according to this recipe...
Put tin foil over cupcake pan and punch holes for ice cream cones. Fill to about an inch from top and bake at 350 for 25 min.

Frosting: 1 cup unsalted butter, 4 cups powdered sugar, 1/8 tsp. salt, 2 T milk, 2 tsp. vanilla, 1/4 tsp almond extract. Beat 2 cups sugar, butter and salt until well blended. Add milk, vanilla and almond extract, beat until blended. Add remaining sugar slowly then beat on high till fluffy and smooth.

Eggcellent Cupcake recipes - Yummiest Frosting Winner

Vanilla cupcake -

Chocolate Buttercream frosting -

Nest - Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spread 1 1/2 cups shredded coconut (about 5 oz) on a rimmed baking sheet; bake until light brown, 8 to 10 minutes, rotating pan once. Set aside to cool.

Eggs - Easter robin eggs (Whoppers).

Monday, March 26, 2012

Carrotopia recipe

Here is the cupcake that won "most moist."
The key for kids to eat this one... I ground up everything very, very fine first. (Walnuts, pineapple, raisens, carrots, coconut.)

Recipe for Most Likely to be Eaten by a Princess Winner

Cake - - put a mini pretzel in the bottom of the baking cup

filling and frosting

chocolate ganache - melt a bag of chocolate chips, beat in whipping cream to desired consistency (1/4 to 1/2 cup)

Thanks Judges!


Pregame show!

Team FroDough Recipes

Here are the recipes for Sprinklicious -- awarded "best flavor combination" by our distinguished judges:

We liked the idea, but didn't love all of the components in the test batch. Instead we used:

This is the only chocolate chip cookie recipe we use. A friend gave it to me in 1996 and it's still our favorite. We don't grind the oatmeal, and usually use whole wheat flour. I made it without nuts for the contest, but my version calls for pecans instead of walnuts. Green pumpkin seeds are also yummy.

Frosting: Fluffy chocolate from "The Cake Doctor" which I'm pretty sure all of you own, thanks to Heather. E-mail me if you need it.

Thanks again for a super fun night!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ovenheads Final Product

Last night was fun... another teaching session with the kids, some nice drinks for the parents and everyone participated and we made the most perfect and delicious final cupcakes!  We were on target and thinking ahead for the next day.  (Today we not only had the Cupcake Wars dinner to attend but a birthday party to go to at 1:00 in North Salt Lake.)  Terry put the cupcakes in Ziplock freezer bags for the night and either just threw them in on top of each other or they shifted around in the middle of the night.  :-)  This morning, I discovered they were all wet and soggy and stuck to each other and most of them were distorted in shape.  Needless to say, I was not happy!  So I flew into action to make yet another batch and salvaged about 6 from the previous batch to get our 36 cupcakes for tonight.  Whew!  Then the frosting procession started.  After researching recipes for a 5 star frosting recipe that was supposed to hold it's shape and taste good, we start to make the frosting.  That is when I realized we didn't have enough of one of the ingredients it called for, so off to the store Terry went for one last minute item.  Now we have two unhappy cooks!  When the frosting is finally whipped, we pipe the frosting on and it was so beautiful.  Next I opened our airtight container holding all the kid's hand made precious decorations made from the previous nights and all of them were wet and gooey and falling apart!!!  I have no idea why they didn't harden like they have all other times I have made them?  So I tried to make more decorations this morning and hope they will dry in time for tonight!  (40 mins left until the party and they are still drying!)  About this time I look over at our beautifully frosted cupcakes and realized the frosting was melting!!!  So much for that perfect frosting recipe.  I give up!  Everything was backwards today. -- We took all our deformed cupcakes and frosted them with the left over frosting and served them at the birthday party we attended.  Everyone said they were delicious and many of the kids I saw were eating them... so at least they taste good.  :-)  Oh and Terry whipped up the pot of soup that is cooking for tonight.  I'm so glad he did because I'm sure if I touch it, it would burn or something!  Now the final test is seeing if our cupcakes hold up in the car ride over to Heather's!  LOL.

Team FroDough and the Final Product

Team FroDough is working hard this morning on our final product for tonight's cupcake battle.

Oh wait, did I say Team FroDough? I meant Mama FroDough.

It may have been a solo baking operation, but I had tons of volunteers for the bowl-licking portion of the program. Here's the "Breakfast of Champions" with the first batter beater.

And a sweet addition to "cupcake research" with the 2nd batter bowl.

We're still working on the frosting and the decorations. The girls are in charge of making them "Sprinklicious," and Mr. FroDough is in charge of figuring out how to transport a crock pot of soup, 36 cupcakes, and the various pieces of our cupcake display up the hill to the Fehrenbach's without a car-tastrophe.
Looking forward to seeing you all tonight!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Erupting Oven...Living Up To Our Name!

Team Erupting Oven tried out another test batch tonight! After forgetting to add the eggs, batter spilling over burning in the oven, we are living up to our name and the name of our cupcake...
BASH CUPCAKES! (Yes..another Skylander.) It'll be a surprise, even for us, what we end up with tomorrow.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ovenheads announce their cupcake name

The name of our cupcake is Carrotopia.   I'm sure that doesn't give away the secret ingredient.  No,'s not red wine.  LOL.

Team FroDough Goes Shopping..and Running...

We're making our grocery list for three dozen Sprinklicious cupcakes and just realized that they require eight sticks of butter and twelve cups of various kinds of sugar.

In unrelated news, we may be scheduling time for an extra workout this weekend. ;)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ovenheads are decorating...

The kids are learning to decorate with frosting!

 Katelyn helped me make another recipe to sample and everyone agreed it was even better than the first one... so we changed our recipe... and there is a video below that kind of gives away our decorating secret and it also gives away *my* secret.  Can you find it?   LOL! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hey all, we are having a fun time preparing for the big battle on Sunday. We have a couple surprises up our sleeves. Just a reminder to bring your 3 dozen cupcakes as well as a way to display them (tray, teired plates, or your own creation). I have a huge round table so there should be plenty of room. Can't wait!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Team FroDough: Frosting Testing

We baked a cake tonight to celebrate tomorrow's vernal equinox, so we took the opportunity to try another frosting flavor. We'll all be tasting it at our breakfast celebration in the morning. If the rest of the family enjoys it as much as Brynn apparently did, we will have found our winner. Fingers crossed!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Team Cupcake People: We Found a Winner...

Alex getting dirty for Team Cupcake People!

We completed another test batch today and had much success. Our cupcake received 4 out of 4 votes! Our official cupcake name....The Eggcellent Cupcake!
Our team is especially looking forward to taste testing! TTFN!

First batch by Erupting Oven!

Yes...we really do still have our oven ;-)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Team FroDough with Special Guest Taste Testers

Team FroDough has some distinguished guest taste testers helping us out this weekend. Grandma and Grandpa Fisher are visiting from Florida, so we treated them to the last of the test batch out of the freezer. Two more votes for cupcakes and decorations, and two more votes for a frosting upgrade. We'll get to work on that next weekend.

ps - feeling kind of lame that we don't have any pyrotechnics on our post!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Team Cupcake People Test Batch

We completed a test run! Unfortunately, it only received 1 out of 4 back to the drawing (baking) board for Team Cupcake People.

I know you've all been waiting .... Team Erupting Oven!

Don't over analyze it (like I have!) Basically it evolved from a favorite Skylander and team "Zidough" would have been a knock-off! Now off to bake!!!

The Poo-Poo platters are still eating cake

Cupcake recipe #2. Viv was my baking assistant. This time we tried the recipe that Cash and I had voted for. This one was hands down my fav but it got a vote of 4 to 2 (Gigi was asleep for the vote). We are moving forward with this recipe but with a few alterations (one genuis idea coming from Jason, who has spent most of his time on the laptop in the background "researching cupcakes") Fun times! Our official cupcake name is..................The Chocolate Covered Pretzel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and sorry no team pic yet. Every time we think to take a pic Gigi is sleeping.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Poo-Poo Platters eat cake

Yesterday we started the cupcake flavor discussion which I thought would go the same direction as the team name discussion. I was pleasantly surprised that within about two minutes we had the flavors narrowed down to two; one that Cash and I liked and one everyone else liked. We made the one that won the majority vote last night (no political order, just happen to have all the ingredients). We got mostly thumbs up especially on the frosting. I think if we stick with this flavor we will have to tweak the cake part and our presentation a little bit. Kai wasn't feeling well so this thumbs up was the most positive thing he'd done all day!

Well off to get breakfast ready...leftover cupcakes of course.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Ovenheads have been cooking!

Kelsie and Corbin are getting a lesson from Dad on measuring and reading recipes.  Mom is the photographer tonight.
Katelyn is joining in on the fun while Kelsie is comparing eggs I guess??
Cracking eggs!  The kids all squabbled who got to do this part.
Katelyn LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to stir!!!

These are some serious and literal Ovenheads in action, here.  I captured their excitement!!!

I can't believe I was present with a camera in hand for this picture, but I had to laugh.  Katelyn was in the process of running to the bathroom and had to take a stop first to check the progress of the cupcakes.  LOL!
We got 4 out of 5 thumbs up for this recipe and we haven't even tried the frosting recipe, yet!  Guess I am the loser again when it comes to family voting.  Ha! 
It's been a fun night.  We have a few ideas for the decorating, for next week.  Happy cooking everyone!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Team Cupcake People

Hello! Team Cupcake People are signing in. Unfortnately there wasn't lots of enthusiasm today picking a team name. I've got a sick one on the couch and another one not getting enough attention so we went with Alex's first suggestion. I'm hoping to see a little more enthsiasm in determing our cupcake flavor. May the best team win! Good luck to all!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I am embarrassed to announce ...(Team Poo-Poo Platter)

the name of our team is

The Poo-Poo comment.

No name yet but...

We have been doing lots of research. Thought I'd throw this place out if you are in need of a muse. This is in my opinion THE BEST cupcake place in the area, plus everything is gluten-free. I haven't had a bad flavor yet, the frosting is never too sweet (not that that is a problem for me). So if you are in need of a cupcake field trip... I will warn you its not the prettiest bakeshop or the best location.
Here is my masculine crew trying Bavarian Maple, Chocolate mint, and Chocolate Peanut butter.

"Team Ovenheads"... I'll explain!! :-)

It's been an interesting day trying to come up with our team name.  Earlier, Katelyn liked the idea of calling our team "Pink Injas" after Corbin wanted the name to be, "Ninjas."  But then this afternoon, Katelyn became very stuck and insistent on having a "head" attached to the team name.  Her list was:  "Pillowheads, Bananaheads, Fireheads, Dogheads, Catheads, Jacketheads, Monkeyheads, etc., etc."  She would randomly throw a new "head" name out every time another family member came up with a name.  Corbin's names were more along the lines of something action packed such as, Gangster Makers, Ninjas, Ninja Kiwis, oh and he added, "Hammerheads."
Kelsie being the cool teenager she is, just came up with "Crazy Cupcake Kids!"  I thought that sounded great!  Then she had to add to the long list of head names... "Buttheads."  After the fit of giggling, I tried to get them to be more serious.  Terry came up with "Bush Bakers."  I thought "Creative Cooks" would be cute.  Then Katelyn shouted out, "Oven Heads!"  I was outnumbered... 4 out of 5 , so we are the "Oven Heads."  LOL!
(And in the picture, I am trying to get away from the swinging prop.)

Team FroDough: Team Photo and Test Batch Results

Here's the official photo for Team FroDough. Only some of us made it out of our pajamas.

And here are the artists at work decorating the test batch of our "Sprinklicious" cupcakes.
(I'm sure Dad was just looking up recipes on his laptop in the background.) ;)

The voting is in on the test recipe:

-- Cupcakes: 8 thumbs up
-- Decorations: 8 thumbs up
-- Frosting: 4 thumbs up

We'll got some improvements in mind for the frosting and will be ready to do battle on the 25th. Good luck to the rest of the teams!

Team FroDough and the Test Batch

We started our test batch this morning and realized we didn't have enough vanilla. Gregg took the girls to Harmon's to grab it, along with the requisite balloons, stickers, and cookies. Gotta love Harmon's.
Because of our late start, the ballerina had to dash off to ballet class mid-way through the mixing, but here she is doing the most important job of the morning.
More family pics to follow later...if we ever get out of our pajamas...

Friday, March 9, 2012

Team FroDough is Here!

Hi All,
Team FroDough is very excited for the Cupcake Battle! After reviewing dozens of team name submissions containing various conjugations of Dora, Tinkerbell, Sparkle, Fairy, Rainbow, Love, and Unicorn, we consulted to come up with a name we could all endorse.

We're getting an early start on our cupcake plans this weekend because we'll be busy with house guests next weekend. Last night, we voted on the recipe we're going to work with, and we're planning our first practice batch for Sunday morning. Wish us luck!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The deadlines

March 11th make a post announcing your family’s team name and post a team picture or video (or an old family pic if you don't want to get creative, of course getting creative is what this is about ;). Then always include your team name in the title of this and future posts so we know who is who.
March 18th blog your family making a test batch (but don’t give away the final creation) and announcing your cupcake’s name.
March 25th before 5pm blog about your family making the final product!
You are welcome and encouraged to blog more often but these 3 are required! Also you are welcome to share the blog with Grandparents, they might think it is fun to see.

The rules

• Every family member should be involved in some way in the planning, creation, and execution of the cupcake process. (yes this includes dad)
• Bring 3 dozen of your fully completed (unless you want to do finishing touches here) cupcakes to the party.
• In the full spirit of “being a treasure trove of happy memories” We will all be posting our family's progress on this blog (I've made you all guest bloggers). We will have weekly posting assignments. When we are all done we will make a scrapbook for each family to keep
• Have fun, keep things positive and lighten up on this project!!! (and if you can work it in, sing in the morning too ;)

Cupcake Battle 2012

When: Sunday March 25th 5pm
Where: The Fehrenbachs
What are we doing: Each family will provide 3 dozen yummy, delicious, creative, made from scratch and original cupcakes (all one flavor) After dinner we will be having a cupcake tasting and award ceremony.
What’s for dinner: Soup potluck, every family bring a crockpot of your favorite soup unless your name is Vanessa then you will need to bring a crockpot of your super addictive Mac and Cheese;). We will provide bread and drinks!