Sunday, March 25, 2012

Team FroDough and the Final Product

Team FroDough is working hard this morning on our final product for tonight's cupcake battle.

Oh wait, did I say Team FroDough? I meant Mama FroDough.

It may have been a solo baking operation, but I had tons of volunteers for the bowl-licking portion of the program. Here's the "Breakfast of Champions" with the first batter beater.

And a sweet addition to "cupcake research" with the 2nd batter bowl.

We're still working on the frosting and the decorations. The girls are in charge of making them "Sprinklicious," and Mr. FroDough is in charge of figuring out how to transport a crock pot of soup, 36 cupcakes, and the various pieces of our cupcake display up the hill to the Fehrenbach's without a car-tastrophe.
Looking forward to seeing you all tonight!

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