Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Team Ovenheads"... I'll explain!! :-)

It's been an interesting day trying to come up with our team name.  Earlier, Katelyn liked the idea of calling our team "Pink Injas" after Corbin wanted the name to be, "Ninjas."  But then this afternoon, Katelyn became very stuck and insistent on having a "head" attached to the team name.  Her list was:  "Pillowheads, Bananaheads, Fireheads, Dogheads, Catheads, Jacketheads, Monkeyheads, etc., etc."  She would randomly throw a new "head" name out every time another family member came up with a name.  Corbin's names were more along the lines of something action packed such as, Gangster Makers, Ninjas, Ninja Kiwis, oh and he added, "Hammerheads."
Kelsie being the cool teenager she is, just came up with "Crazy Cupcake Kids!"  I thought that sounded great!  Then she had to add to the long list of head names... "Buttheads."  After the fit of giggling, I tried to get them to be more serious.  Terry came up with "Bush Bakers."  I thought "Creative Cooks" would be cute.  Then Katelyn shouted out, "Oven Heads!"  I was outnumbered... 4 out of 5 , so we are the "Oven Heads."  LOL!
(And in the picture, I am trying to get away from the swinging prop.)

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