Monday, March 12, 2012

The Ovenheads have been cooking!

Kelsie and Corbin are getting a lesson from Dad on measuring and reading recipes.  Mom is the photographer tonight.
Katelyn is joining in on the fun while Kelsie is comparing eggs I guess??
Cracking eggs!  The kids all squabbled who got to do this part.
Katelyn LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to stir!!!

These are some serious and literal Ovenheads in action, here.  I captured their excitement!!!

I can't believe I was present with a camera in hand for this picture, but I had to laugh.  Katelyn was in the process of running to the bathroom and had to take a stop first to check the progress of the cupcakes.  LOL!
We got 4 out of 5 thumbs up for this recipe and we haven't even tried the frosting recipe, yet!  Guess I am the loser again when it comes to family voting.  Ha! 
It's been a fun night.  We have a few ideas for the decorating, for next week.  Happy cooking everyone!

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  1. love the no pants pic, some serious competitor there!