Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ovenheads Final Product

Last night was fun... another teaching session with the kids, some nice drinks for the parents and everyone participated and we made the most perfect and delicious final cupcakes!  We were on target and thinking ahead for the next day.  (Today we not only had the Cupcake Wars dinner to attend but a birthday party to go to at 1:00 in North Salt Lake.)  Terry put the cupcakes in Ziplock freezer bags for the night and either just threw them in on top of each other or they shifted around in the middle of the night.  :-)  This morning, I discovered they were all wet and soggy and stuck to each other and most of them were distorted in shape.  Needless to say, I was not happy!  So I flew into action to make yet another batch and salvaged about 6 from the previous batch to get our 36 cupcakes for tonight.  Whew!  Then the frosting procession started.  After researching recipes for a 5 star frosting recipe that was supposed to hold it's shape and taste good, we start to make the frosting.  That is when I realized we didn't have enough of one of the ingredients it called for, so off to the store Terry went for one last minute item.  Now we have two unhappy cooks!  When the frosting is finally whipped, we pipe the frosting on and it was so beautiful.  Next I opened our airtight container holding all the kid's hand made precious decorations made from the previous nights and all of them were wet and gooey and falling apart!!!  I have no idea why they didn't harden like they have all other times I have made them?  So I tried to make more decorations this morning and hope they will dry in time for tonight!  (40 mins left until the party and they are still drying!)  About this time I look over at our beautifully frosted cupcakes and realized the frosting was melting!!!  So much for that perfect frosting recipe.  I give up!  Everything was backwards today. -- We took all our deformed cupcakes and frosted them with the left over frosting and served them at the birthday party we attended.  Everyone said they were delicious and many of the kids I saw were eating them... so at least they taste good.  :-)  Oh and Terry whipped up the pot of soup that is cooking for tonight.  I'm so glad he did because I'm sure if I touch it, it would burn or something!  Now the final test is seeing if our cupcakes hold up in the car ride over to Heather's!  LOL.

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